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Cloud Insights: Tenant-to-tenant migration

Cloud Insights: Tenant-to-tenant migration

If you’re planning a tenant-to-tenant migration, we’ve got a wealth of resources to help you make the right decisions at the right time in our Cloud Insights: Tenant-to-tenant migration series.

Planning and due diligence: the biggest long-term cost saver for any Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration

In this article we give our top tips on scoping an Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migration from auditing what you’ve got and working out what you want to identifying cost saving opportunities along the way.

partners shaking hands

To partner or not to partner: the tenant-to-tenant migration question

Trying to work out whether to do the project in-house? Read our blog about the skills required before, during and after the migration and why getting a partner onboard early could be the key to meeting tight deadlines.

Tenant Security and Governance

Getting security and governance right during tenant-to-tenant migrations

No two tenants will be identical in their deployment of features, functionality and settings for security. Reconciling these security and governance differences to create a robust, secure and compliant tenant at the end of the day. 

happy users means successful migration

Top tips to maintain productivity during a tenant-to-tenant migration

Minimising user disruption is always a key requirement in a tenant-to-migration. We share our thoughts on how to keep users informed, happy and productive throughout the migration.

Other resources:

Watch our recent webinar for some practical tips about running a tenant-to-tenant migration: