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Information Protection

Harnessing the power of Microsoft to accelerate your information protection journey

Catch up on Expert Insights webinar from 14 June 2022

If you missed the first in our series of Expert Insight webinars on information protection, you can catch up here.

Clarity and confidence. Delivered.

We know that tackling information protection can be challenging – the responses to our questionnaire highlighted that knowing where data is stored, getting funding for compliance projects and aligning departments at project kick-off are all hurdles to be overcome.

In the Q&A we discussed how you can use a Microsoft-funded workshop to scan your environment and get actionable next steps to start your journey.

Chris presented a practical demonstration of how Microsoft Purview technology can be used to implement sensitivity labels and we also discussed best practice around data classification and the number of labels you should use. 

Your information protection journey. Accelerated.

We recommend you start your journey by bringing the business together to agree your data classification taxonomy. We also shared the key focus areas that will make your compliance project a success – from getting familiar with what the technology can offer, to communication and adoption by users.

Harnessing the power of Microsoft to accelerate your information protection journey

What’s next in the series?

The next in our series covers insider risk:

Malicious intent or inadvertent policy breach? 
Managing and mitigating insider risk with Microsoft Purview