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Managing and mitigating insider risk with Microsoft Purview

Malicious intent or inadvertent policy breach? Catch up on the second in our Expert Insight webinar series.

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Many organisations have spent a lot of time and budget securing their perimeters to prevent hackers from stealing data or accessing their network, however the internal threat from a malicious employee or risk of an inadvertent data breach may not be actively monitored or managed.

In our webinar we discussed the why, when, who and how of insider risk programmes, with an overview of the features and capability within Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management that can be used to monitor risky behaviour and help you manage and mitigate insider risk. 

We also explored the key success factors for an insider risk programme – from initial identification of your business’ highest priority internal risks and the ‘crown jewels’ you are looking to protect to the importance of cross-departmental collaboration. Read about our 8 top tips on our blog. 

In the Q&A we discussed how to avoid false positives and how to distinguish between an unintentional policy breach and malicious intent.

Malicious intent or inadvertent policy breach? Managing and mitigating insider risk with Microsoft Purview

Insider risk. Managed and mitigated.

We’ve condensed our conclusions in 8 top tips for a successful insider risk programme. Read the full blog here.

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Find out more about our Manage and Investigate Risk Workshop and talk to us about whether your organisation is eligible for Microsoft funding to cover the cost.

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