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Azure Lift & Shift Services

There’s no doubt that a move to the cloud can offer a lot of benefits to your organisation. Let us help you start with the easy wins, and with complete security confidence.

With the right strategy for digital transformation you can get the maximum ROI for your business, using the sheer flexibility and on-demand power the cloud has to offer to start doing things differently.

Get ‘off the blocks’

Our best advice is to define a ‘getting started’ strategy that involves moving just one or two of your on-premises ‘workloads’ into the cloud.

We can help you determine the best candidates for ‘cloudifying’, talk you through the opportunities, cover off the basics like security and compliance, ensure a smooth migration and then help you assess the results for you and other key stakeholders in your business.

With cloud, the sky’s the limit…

Once you’ve been through this process a few times, you, like other Cloud Essentials customers, will start to see many other opportunities for cloudification.

Even platforms that need to remain on-premises for the foreseeable future can benefit from seamless storage and powerful DR services hosted in the cloud.

Don’t let the cloud run away with you!

A major concern (and rightly so) is that cloud consumption can get out of control.  We can put you in charge of your cloud consumption, giving you clear visibility of what you’re using and how much it’s costing you.


We will help you work out the best candidates to move and establish a framework for reviewing how successful it’s been.  Before your move we’ll look every detail: dependencies, security, data sovereignty, business continuity and more.


We’ll use the optimal migration tools and strategy to lift and shift your chosen workload(s).


Once in the cloud we’ll help you maintain control and manage costs.

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Things you might want to move into Azure

Apps & Servers

Identify the applications and virtual and physical servers that will be most suitable for efficiency gains.

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Backup & archiving

Enhance your DR strategy using Azure.

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Data Storage

Use a migration as an opportunity to get your file storage under control or avoid a costly storage CapEx purchase.

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Email Archives

Eliminate the cost and overheads of maintaining email archives on premises.

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Move email journals to Azure or Office 365.

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Public Folders

Move Public Folder content to the optimal cloud location.

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Enterprise-Wide PSTs

Finally eliminate the risk and rubbish associated with PSTs.

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Re-locate & re-work existing on-prem SharePoint sites.

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Work out your best option(s) & what’s involved… 

Get started..

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Collaboration Governance Essentials: 1-Hr Briefing

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Data Governance Essentials: 1-Hr Briefing

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Data Centre Migration Essentials: 1-Hr Briefing

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