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SharePoint migration

Data migration to Office 365

Design, deploy, migrate & re-work your SharePoint.

If you’ve been using SharePoint on premises for a while, you may want to review how effectively it’s been used and perhaps do a clean up or re-work in advance of a migration into the cloud.

You might also want to move content from other platforms into SharePoint, or prepare SharePoint content for Teams adoption.

We have created a ‘toolbox’ of services and best-of-breed technologies that make it easy to review, design, deploy and migrate a range of content sources including file systems, Public Folders, IBM Domino, Web & other ECM platforms (e.g. iManage, Livelink etc.), into SharePoint.

Our SharePoint services include:

  • On-premises SharePoint review
  • Fixing problems such as illegal characters & broken links
  • Planning & design of hosted SharePoint deployment
  • Expert SharePoint architecture advice
  • Ensure your Teams rollout & SharePoint integration is a success
  • Configuration
  • Content migration & OneDrive deployment
  • Injection of metadata & content types
  • Optimisation, including:
    • Regional & granular replication between distributed sites
    • Storage management, BLOB offloading & archiving
    • Backup & DR, including granular restores.

Where needed, we also offer project management, data governance advice and other focused workshops that will help you get the most out of SharePoint.

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Ensure Strong Data Governance

  • Perform a detailed inventory of your source environment
  • Set policies for what should be migrated where based on age, usage patterns, sensitivity, classification or other business criteria.
  • Ensure content is migrated with full fidelity
  • Map all configurations, permissions, workflows, actions, & metadata
  • Account for differences between the source & destination environments.

Fix SharePoint Migration Problems

  • Detect & resolve broken links
  • Replace illegal characters
  • Preserve NTFS file system permissions
  • Flatten folder hierarchies
  • Remap permissions

Generate Management Reports

  • Generate compliance reports
  • Microsoft best practice reports
  • Infrastructure reports
  • Compare elements pre & post migration

Enhance SharePoint Protection

  • Schedule & manage backups
  • Monitor operations in real-time
  • Perform item level & point-in-time restores
  • Restore full or partial Farm content

Site Migration Examples:

  • Migrate farm content, architecture & database
  • Migrate sites & subsites
  • Merge existing sites
  • Promote site to site collections
  • Migrate web parts
  • Migrate groups, permission levels & users

Content Migration Examples

  • Perform incremental migrations
  • Copy Content Between Lists & Libraries
  • Copy Document Templates
  • Migrate InfoPath Forms
  • Map Folder Names to Metadata
  • Preserve version history, created, modified & approval status

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