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If you’ve been maintaining a journal in your on-premises Exchange server or archive, or in a third-party service (such as Mimecast or Proofpoint) in order to meet compliance and business needs, the challenge when you move to Microsoft 365 is that there is no equivalent service in Microsoft 365.

We can explain the options open to you for preserving and migrating your existing journals.

For example, you might decide to put the contents of a journal archive and/or on-prem Exchange journal mailbox into Microsoft 365.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of Microsoft Azure for storing your legacy journals, and for hosting your journaling going forwards.

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The challenges of migrating legacy Journals when you want to take advantage of the Microsoft ecosystem.


Vital envelope metadata including BCC’d recipients & distribution list (DL) members must be preserved to ensure accurate eDiscovery.


Your legal department will be keen to get a complete audit proving every item has been successfully migrated & that chain-of-custody was maintained.


If you’re migrating to Microsoft 365, there’s no equivalent of a single-instanced journal mailbox.


You may decide that you don’t want to ‘put all your eggs in one basket’ by migrating journals into Microsoft 365.


If you’ve been using a hosted journal service, you may have a pay a big data extraction fee to move your data out.


Secure, compliant journal migration.

The ultimate solution

We have over 10 years’ experience in migrating legacy archives and journals, and can guide to to the optimum strategy for extracting and moving your journals into Microsoft 365 or Azure.

Preserve Vital Metadata

Preserve compliance-critical BCC’d recipients and distribution list member information as you move – especially if you’re switching into Microsoft 365.  We can talk you through the various options and caveats that are available to you.

Fully Audited Move

Provide your legal team with proof that all data moved is fully audited and nothing has slipped through the net. We provide you with detailed chain-of-custody reports, at-a-glance migration status updates, auto-retries of any failed items and inbuilt trouble shooting & online KB.

Choice of destination

You can elect to migrate journals into the equivalent service in Microsoft 365 or into alternative cloud journal services. 

Move almost any journal archive to Microsoft 365 or Azure

Regardless of the archive you've been storing your journals in, we can migrate them to your preferred cloud platform.

We are able to migrate almost all major email archive solutions - along with native Exchange journals - into Microsoft 365 or Azure.

Is your data locked in? We will advise you on the best solution that will move your archive.

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