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Your strategic partner for Microsoft 365 and Office 365 Tenant Migration

In the event of a merger, acquisition, divestiture or just a change in the way you want to organise your business, you can now perform a tenant to tenant migration on virtually any workload.

Cloud Essentials are cloud natives with a deep understanding of Microsoft technologies and extensive hands-on experience running complex cloud migrations. We can help at all stages of a planned tenant to tenant migration, working in partnership with you from the planning stages through the migration and beyond, to help you harness the full potential of Microsoft 365 and cloud technology.

We can migrate:

  • Mailboxes, SharePoint, Teams & Groups, OneDrive for Business, Public Folders, Skype for Business (including conversation history), Stream, etc
  • Third-party email archives & email journals
  • G Suite & IMAP mailstores
  • Document management systems, Power BI & Power Apps

Let Cloud Essentials take the complexity and risk out of your Office 365 tenant merger or migration.

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Get your tenant to tenant migration delivered at a fixed cost and using a pay-as-you-go SaaS model that reflects the workloads you need to move.

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CASE STUDY: Office 365 tenant to tenant migration with phased approach and co-existence within fixed, tight deadline

Construction workers

A fully managed migration service from the cloud migration experts

Tenant to Tenant Migration Office 365
  • Advisory and consultancy services at the due diligence stage to help you plan your ‘to be’ cloud architecture, decide what should be ‘in scope’ in your tenant to tenant migration, assess the need for ‘co-existence’ and set you up for success.
  • A competitive fixed price calculated based on your specific requirements, using our SaaS migration platform in Azure. We are proudly vendor agnostic and source the right tools to migrate your workloads.
  • A security baseline assessment as standard to provide you with clarity about data governance considerations, vulnerabilities that need to be dealt with, a view on potential cost savings and, ultimately, secure and robust foundations for your new tenant environment.
  • A fully managed service with an experienced project manager running the migration and providing detailed communications about migration status and progress.
  • Ongoing advice to help you maximise the use of Microsoft 365 tools and technology and minimise licence costs. Cloud technology evolves at a rapid pace and we’re at the forefront, working alongside Microsoft in some instances, to develop new cloud technology and ways of working.

Tenant to tenant case study:
Seamless migration for 1500 users  to achieve divestiture from largest catering company in the world

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Expert advice to make your tenant migration a success

When you need to migrate, merge, split or move Microsoft 365 tenants, moving data and users is just the tip of the iceberg, especially if you have multiple domains that must co-exist for any length of time. We can provide advice and support to help you decide:

  • If you need to synchronise contacts and free/busy information to ensure co-workers can communicate and collaborate easily with each other and with clients throughout the migration – as though in a single domain.
  • What to migrate – we audit and report on your existing environment to help plan, configure and selectively migrate content, flagging any issues or areas of concern.
  • Whether you need to consolidate the infrastructure of the merging organisations, starting with integrating the separate Active Directory (AD) instances into one.
  • If and when you should look to integrate legacy on-premises users and applications with Microsoft 365.
  • The optimal migration path – this may be affected by politics and security issues and we have experience helping our customers negotiate these challenges – check out our latest video.
  • What to do with legacy email archives and journals – whether to standardise them on a single third party archive service or to use Microsoft 365 archiving instead

We can advise on other aspects of migration too, including security, privacy, anti-spam, legal holds and retention management policies.

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We put governance and security at the centre of everything we do

We have extensive experience working with customers in highly regulated industries, so we understand the importance of robust data governance and compliance. We have also run divestiture tenant migrations with sensitive and complex security requirements that require expert input to plot the optimal migration path.

We offer a Security Baseline Assessment as part of every tenant to tenant migration to ensure you have secure and robust foundations for your new tenant environment. The assessment will provide you with:

  • clarity about data governance considerations;
  • details of vulnerabilities that need to be dealt with;
  • a view on potential cost savings.

In addition we can also run a data privacy assessment and advisory workshop to review your business and legislative needs alongside your current security and data management regime and help pinpoint gaps.


During your migration you’ll work closely with our services team, receiving the best expert advice and a personal and responsive service we believe is unrivalled.

Migrating Teams and harnessing its full potential

Learning for Microsoft Teams

Cloud Essentials can help you migrate content in Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups, including group mailbox content, folder permissions, and delegation. We also provide support to manage target group creation, membership, and ownership in your new environment.

In our experience, many businesses are not using Teams to its full potential as a collaboration, as well as communication, platform.  There is significant value to be gained from:

  • Making sure that Teams is fully integrated into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem in the new tenant environment
  • Driving up user adoption of the full functionality on offer.

We can also offer advice on best practices for content management, data retention and disposition, security, governance and how to ‘work-flow with intention’ (giving users rules and policies about when to create, share and delete in Teams). Find out more

Let our experts handle the complexity of your tenant to tenant migration project.

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