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HubStor Announces Pricing Reductions for Both New and Existing Clients

HubStor Announces Pricing Reductions for Both New and Existing Clients

Good news for those expanding their HubStor footprint and ramping up ingestion

HubStor’s consumption-based pricing model sees some welcome changes this Autumn – reducing the impact of activity costs.

This is especially relevant for large scale data ingestion, but also downloads, geo-replication and backup.

It a nutshell:

  1. No mark-up on storage operations costs so you will not see large spikes when seeding workloads that have high object counts.
  2. Egress costs no longer have a HubStor markup applied, so large downloads will not significantly spike costs.
  3. Exempting both normal egress bandwidth and geo-replication bandwidth, so pricing for GRS, RA-GRS, or HubStor’s cloud backup are significantly less.

Here’s what HubStor have told us about why they’ve made these changes:

IT leaders love HubStor’s consumption pricing model because it offers full transparency, where you only pay for what you use. Additionally, you get an enterprise infrastructure software-as-a-service solution based purely on cloud infrastructure usage (instead of an added arbitrary concept like device or user license fees on top of the cloud pricing model).

But the one downside to the consumption markup model has been the activity costs that originate with the underlying cloud provider. We define activity costs as storage operations and network egress fees.

Before this change, when activity costs spiked as a result of seeding workloads with high object counts, for example, it had the effect of swelling the floating HubStor margin. While the long-term financial business case for HubStor was compelling, the activity costs with our additional margin often created a sticker shock effect with certain workloads.

Geoff Bourgeois, CEO at HubStor

You can read the full announcement here.

What we make of the news:

This is good news, especially for a couple of migrations we’re working on right now. To take the cost spike out of the ingestion phase will make a big difference, some of the volumes we’re working with are huge!

David Kellet, Head of Technical Services – Cloud Essentials


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