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Tackling the Tech Summits

Tackling the Tech Summits

Must-see sessions in Birmingham and Cape Town for cutting through cloud complexity

As we build up towards Microsoft’s Tech Summits in the UK and South Africa – our first exhibiting under the new Cloud Essentials brand! – we’ve naturally been chatting a bit about what we, as a team, are looking forward to.

Both Summits have great line-ups of undeniably fascinating workshops and sessions, and are invaluable sources of free training and knowledge growth for attendees. The sessions that really have our pulses racing, however, are all leaning in one, very particularly direction…

You see, after decades of working with enterprises to help them transition to new platforms (Windows and Unix), new networks (the internet), new rules (data protection) and now the cloud, we’ve come to a resounding conclusion about where our sweet-spot lies: complexity!

Does a project have…

  • thousands of demanding users?
  • a mixed bag of legacy domains following M&A activity?
  • data locked in proprietary storage systems?
  • convoluted access rights & distributed admin?
  • a two-week deadline?

If it’s not easy – for whatever reason – it’s our cup of tea.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that our Cloud Essentials theme for this year’s Microsoft Tech Summits in Birmingham and Cape Town is: “Certified to Handle Complexity”

We’re also thrilled to see we’re not the only ones embracing the more complicated side of cloud technology. In fact, there are quite a few sessions that hit the mark on our “Nice – that sounds complex!” list.

Here are the top Birmingham Tech Summit sessions that we’re looking forward to:

  • Running Exchange hybrid over the long term – Steve Goodman (BRK3008)
  • Getting the most out of Azure tiered storage – Jason Vallery (BRK2057)
  • Managing data in multiple different geographies – Sameer Sitaram (BRK2088)
  • Tackling your GDPR remit with Microsoft 365 – Tina Ying (BRK2008)

We’ll be soaking up insights at these Cape Town Tech Summit sessions, too:

  • Accelerating Blockchain application development on Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Teams and its security and compliance features – Nick Robinson
  • Azure Logic Apps and API management
  • Deploying Device and Credential Guard

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